As a Church is to continue the work of Jesus: Simply, Peacefully, Together.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31
Church Phone Number 208-375-0604
Tom Warner 208-535-6722 or 208-375-0604
Dick Hartley
Rae Casey
Tim Terry
Wayne Potter
Tom Warner
Outreach Kathy Bronner
Fellowship Pat Bronner
Stewardship Bob Lee
Christian Education Becky Goldstein
Buildings & Grounds Larry Best
Operations Ann Roseman
Deacon Chair Jeff Peterson
Music & Worship 8:00 AM. Jeff Peterson
Music & Worship 10:45 AM. Wanda Terry
District Representative Wanda Travis
Sam Robison
Nelda Blickenstaff - lifetime
Becky Goldstein
Ron Lang
Craig Murdock
Carolyn Groehier
Kim Robison
Marie Hoskins
Sabrina Verhoef
Jeff Peterson