Weddings At Mountain View

Your Wedding:

We can provide a sacred place for you to get married. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and should be be a special occasion that you can share with your family and friends. Working together we aspire to make it both a holy and a memorable experience that you can be proud of.

Wedding consultant

We have consultants in our midst that will make sure your wedding is well organized and runs smoothly. Or, we will be happy to work with your chosen consultant. Some brides have a group of family and friends who plan the decorations and dive right in.

Decorations and Flowers

Mountain View Church has a beautiful sanctuary that seats 250 with provisions for handicapped attendees and additional spaces for overflow. Many feel that our worship center’s simple beauty needs little decoration; the exquisite stained glass above the center stage is a beautiful center piece. Available for your use are two wicker flower baskets, and white wrought iron candelabras draped with tulle and ivy. Traditional pew seating allows for a center aisle where the bridal party is showcased.

Reception option:

The fellowship and reception area will seat about 120 and with additional seating in our library of another 50 guests. We have a large kitchen area well supplied with crystal and silver service. We have 12 round tables, each seating 8 persons and lots of folding chairs.

Music and sound equipment:

We have a variety of instruments and music options available for your choosing. Our wonderful electric pipe organ can offer gigantic sound and a modern Roland electric piano that offers a remarkable selection of different instrument sounds as well. Our church family is blessed with outstanding musicians and vocalists who can be available to meet your music needs. We also have a great sound system with audio tape and CD capability along with talented sound and equipment technicians available.

Outside wedding area:

In the Southwest corner of the property there is a garden area, that includes a foot bridge and arbor area. Photo shoots and outdoor weddings work wonderfully in this area during the blooming season.


an ordained minister who would be happy to serve you as an officiate at your wedding. He provides a required minimum of two hours of pre-marriage counseling. Outside Ministers are welcome to use the facilities upon request.


Marriage is a sacrament of the church. Mountain View is not a marriage chapel or for profit business. We do have expenses that we do have to meet to keep our doors open, and ask for donations for the use of our facility.

Pastors suggested honorarium To be arranged
Cleaning deposit (returnable) $200.00
Sanctuary $300.00
Fellowship Hall $100.00
Sound technicians $25.00/hr.
Musicians To be arranged
Wedding coordinator $100.00

How to get started:

The Operations Manager in the church business office is where the ball gets rolling. Contact her at 208-375-0604, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 10 am – 2 pm; Tuesday & Thursday noon – 2 pm. She can give you a tour of the facility, take your reservation information and check the calendar to see if your vision fits into our busy schedule. It’s that easy. It is wise to plan at least one year out so that you get the dates already set in your heart.