The Mountain View Story


The ministry of Mountain View Church of the Brethren began in 1957, in the middle of a cow pasture.  A group of area churches got together and set out to open new church sites throughout our expanding city . The present site was chosen by the Brethren to build their new church. Thus, Mountain View was born. Ground-breaking took place on September 22, 1957 and the Church Charter was signed. The Church soon became a strong, close, family and caring community.  Over the years, Mountain View has sought to give to the community and has allowed different user groups to join in the congregation’s ministry.
Today, groups such as Idaho Gem Club, Bethel Ministries, Iron Sharpens Iron, Alcoholic Anonymous, Foot Clinic, TOPS, are some of the outside groups who provide neighborhood services . In the last 50 years. The Church has been active in The Boise Rescue Mission, Chaplain Services to The Idaho State Penitentiary, Habitat for Humanity, and CROP Walk, to name a few.  Over the years the congregation has also opened it’s building to over 7 different churches, including Hispanic and Russian speaking groups to hold services. Currently we share our Sanctuary with the Born Again congregation from the Congo.  Many of their members were Church of the Brethren members in their home country. Our Benevolence Ministry reaches out with assistance and help to people with specific needs.
We have daily classes and happenings at the church. Currently the church also helps with leadership support to Bethel Ministries. Bethel is a life changing discipleship housing program for men released from prison. Iron Sharpens Iron is another such men’s transitional housing ministry that serves the needs of the post incarceration male population. The Church is deeply blessed as these new Christians bring their many talents into the life of the church.
The church has a great kitchen and fellowship hall, a large library, class rooms for study and a beautiful sanctuary for worship. Our outdoors area has a basketball court, 4 square, hop scotch and play area. We have a good picnic area and often we have had outdoor worship and weddings.
You are always welcome to come be a part of this growing neighborhood congregation. Make Mountain View Your Church Home.

Join us this Sunday.

Developing great family Values…

We care about you and your children… We know that you are concerned about the values that your children are developing. We want to help you teach the values you yourself believe. This congregation can assist you in the training of your children about honesty and integrity. We love children and young people. We want to welcome you and your family to come learn with us about what family and community is all about. We do not see children just as the future. We see them as a part of church life right now. We also understand that parents and children alike need to feel a part of a church family or they will not want to come to church at all.